Critically acclaimed Canadian recording artist and versatile singer-songwriter Colin Fowlie arrived on the scene bringing with him a storied past, unique and compelling compositions in song, and charismatic vocal stylings. He turned heads with his debut full-length album “Party Music” and is poised to make an emphatic statement with his sophomore album "East of Nowhere" in 2021.

The release of Party Music signified the beginning of a new era for Fowlie, as he evolved into a full-time tour de force in the musical realm. His lifelong journey as a songwriter and touring performer has culminated as his primary focus, along with family and a passion for exploring the open road with the wind in his face.


The unique character of his songs fuse elements of folk, rock, blues and Americana/Canadiana into a special blend of universally themed storytelling that, along with his down-to-earth personality, create magic that audiences adore.


Colin’s discography has garnered radio airplay on campus, community and commercial radio across Canada and has graced various charts, both regionally and nationally. He has accrued more than 3 million views on YouTube and was awarded the coveted gold standard status at MusicFest Canada (1994) and Maritime MusicFest (1995) in his formative years. Radio stations in the UK, Holland, Australia, and the USA have also embraced his music since 2015.



The Upper Cruft 2015 (EP)

Passerby 2018 (EP)

Harmony 2018 (EP)

Amusement Park 2019 (EP)

Party Music 2019 (Album)

To Mend 2021 (Single)


He continues to grow his fan base through passion-filled live performances at marquee festivals that include; Harvest Jazz & Blues, Area 506, Larlee Creek Hullabaloo, Living Roots and Tay Creek, to name a few. Fowlie has graced stages globally, including successful concerts in both Cuba and the Dominican Republic and his born-to-perform persona brings Colin to listening rooms, house concerts, songwriter circles and coffeehouses in many regions of North America.

Multiple tours in 2019 will see Colin travel from coast to coast and south of the 49th parallel in solo, duo and full-band configurations.


Colin is constantly writing new material and looks forward to touring relentlessly and showcasing at select music industry conferences across North America in 2021 and beyond, as he navigates the long and winding road to greater success.

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